Dr. Junwoo Lee

Postdoctoral Scholar (since 03/2021)
Korea NRF Postdoctoral Fellow

Visiting Student
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2018–2019)
Advisor: Prof. Pooi See Lee

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea (20152020)
Advisor: Prof. Taiho Park

B.S. Polymer Nano Science and Technology
Jeonbuk National University, Korea (2009–2015)

Research interests: synthesis of ion and electron conductive polymers

Dr. Yuchu Liu

Postdoctoral Scholar (since 09/2022)

Research Assistant
South China University of Technology, China (2021–2022)
Advisor: Prof. Mingjun Huang

Ph.D. Polymer Science
The University of Akron, Ohio, United States (20152020)
Advisor: Prof. Stephen. Z. D. Cheng

B.S. Material Chemistry
Peking University (2011–2015)
Advisor: Prof. Xuefeng Fu

Research interests: polymer synthesis, soft matter self-assembly

Dr. Taotao Gao

Postdoctoral Scholar (since 01/2023)

Research Fellow
National University of Singapore, Singapore (05/2021–01/2023)
Advisor: Prof. Yu Zhao

Research Assitant
Tsinghua University, China (01/2021–05/2021)
Advisor: Prof. Bijie Li

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Tsinghua University, China (09/2015–01/2021)
Advisor: Prof. Bijie Li

B.S. Chemistry
Lanzhou University, China (09/2011–06/2015)
Advisor: Prof. Yawen Wang

Research interests: polymer synthesis